Episode Guide

2701: Revision House TV-G (30 min)

Wed, Oct 25 10PM EDT

Homeowners are remodeling instead of relocation. They are redesigning their homes to better fit their lifestyles and to be more energy efficient. Join Vicki as she explores some exciting new green retrofit ideas and meet the leaders in the green building movement and eco-design.

2702: Outdoor Spaces TV-G (30 min)

Wed, Oct 25 10:30PM EDT

Do you love your home but can't stand your deck? Vicki has the answers with a complete deck renovation project. Learn how beneficial it can be to your home's value and your family's together time by creating a great backyard deck.

2703: Decorated Garden TV-G (30 min)

Thu, Oct 26 10PM EDT

It's the little things that make a garden special. Vicki shows you how to create your own decorative paving stones, plant a succulent container garden, decorate with sea shells, create wi re and glass garden lights plus get tips for making everything in your garden perform to the max without using harmful chemicals.

2704: Farm To Table TV-G (30 min)

Thu, Oct 26 10:30PM EDT

Join Vicki and top Chef Heidi Billotto as they shop the local farmers' markets for heal thy, delicious produce, meat and flowers. Get grilling tips for fish, vegetables and sauces as they cook u p their bounty from the market. This episode will have you getting up with the chicks to support locally grown produce.

2705: Rest And Renew TV-G (30 min)

Fri, Oct 27 10PM EDT

Getting a good night's sleep is important to maintain your health and energy. One of the best ways to insure a restful experience is to create a beautiful bedroom that surrounds you with a natural , comfortable, well designed eco-friendly space. Vicki's decorating ideas will certainly wake you up to the possibilities.

2706: What's Cooking? TV-G (30 min)

Fri, Oct 27 10:30PM EDT

Have you ever dreamed of going to cooking school? Vicki shares her experiences as she spends the day at Johnson and Wales internationally acclaimed culinary university. Learn the Chefs secrets to baking, meat cutting and chopping skills. This episode won't turn you into the next Iron Chef but it's guaranteed to entertain and improve you kitchen skills.

2707: Family Room Redo TV-G (30 min)

Mon, Oct 30 10PM EDT

Has your family room seen better days? Join Vicki as she turns her next door neighbor's family room into a designer space that can really stand u p to a busy family's lifestyle. She shares money saving ideas to keep you on budget and still achieve your dream space.

2708: Healthy Home TV-G (30 min)

Mon, Oct 30 10:30PM EDT

You may think your home is clean, safe and healthy but there may be mold, mildew and allergens lurking in the dark corners of your basement, attic or backyard. Learn the steps you can take to improve your home's health.

2709: Invest In Your Home TV-G (30 min)

Tue, Oct 31 10PM EDT

In today's housing market it is even more important to maintain your home and make it a space that you truly love. Vicki shares project ideas that will make you fall in love with your home all over again. On her to-do list is replacing a sliding door with new French doors, cleaning a resealing granite counters, replacing sinks and faucets and upgrading your outdoor grilling center and much more. It's a long to-do list!

2710: Energy Savers TV-G (30 min)

Tue, Oct 31 10:30PM EDT

Today's energy options can really save you money. If you are planning on remodeling your home, upgrade your insulation, replacing your drafty doors and windows or switching from one power source to another you don't want to miss this episode on home improvement ideas that will reduce your energy costs. Prepare to be energized.

2711: New Kitchen, Part 1 TV-G (30 min)

Does your kitchen look like a flashback to 1990? Join Vicki for the first of a two part kitchen renovation series. She brings in the props and shares their skills with you as they completely demolish the existing kitchen to make room for a chic kitchen for a bachelor and his aging dad. Discover what's involved in planning, designing and putting in place the right partners to assure you remodeling success.

2712: New Kitchen, Part 2 TV-G (30 min)

Out with the old and in with the new. You will fall in love with the new kitchen 's layout out and the materials Vicki brought together to create a dream kitchen for this homeowner. New floors, cabinets, counters, appliances and lighting are just half the story. If you are planning to makeover your kitchen you can 't afford to miss this two part series.

2713: Laundry Room Blues TV-G (30 min)

A well designed laundry room can make doing the laundry a lot more pleasant. Vicki finally tackles her own laundry room for this dazzling makeover. She installs new cabinets, countertops, sinks, tile and a decorative finish for the walls that will chase away your laundry blues away.