Episode Guide

2014: Shaw-senses Catering TV-G (30 min)

Tue, Nov 7 3PM EDT

High-end caterer is contracted to provide meal for patrons of the opening night at the Shaw Festival in Niagara-on“the-Lake.

2015: Rifflin' Hitch Fishing Lodge TV-G (30 min)

Tue, Nov 7 3:30PM EDT

Perched on the remote banks of Labrador's Eagle River, the Rifflin Hitch Lodge is one of the most elite destinations in the world of high-end fly fishing. The Atlantic Salmon are the stars of the show as Chef/Owner Gudrid Hutchings cooks in a kitchen that can only be stocked by helicopter.

2016: Toronto Caribana Festival TV-G (30 min)

Wed, Nov 8 3PM EDT

Indulging in a taste of the Caribbean at this World Famous Carnival. We team up with a Trinidadian Family responsible for feeding the very large crowds on Festival Day.

2017: Extreme River Rafting TV-G (30 min)

Wed, Nov 8 3:30PM EDT

This is a true culinary adventure as Michael roughs it royally on a gourmet river rafting expedition. Journey through the remote wilderness of Northern BC on a River Raft and travel down glacier-fed rivers while making camp and eating well enroute. He encounters a challenge of a lifetime and experiences the wild joys of cooking in a kitchen with no walls where campfire becomes stove and river is tap and fridge.

2018: Kosher Food TV-PG (30 min)

Mon, Oct 23 3PM EDT

What is Kosher? We find out in Montreal. Travel with Michael through historic Montreal where he uncovers great bagels and smoked meats in preparation for a traditional Jewish Wedding.

2019: Molson Indy TV-G (30 min)

Mon, Oct 23 3:30PM EDT

Get into the drivers seat with Chef Michael as he races into the kitchens of some of the fastest drivers in the world including Mario Andretti. Chef Michael will be hooking up with the Paul Newman/Haas Indy Race car team's personal Chef to see how he goes about feeding that team to keep it well balanced and lubed.

2020: Food Styling TV-G (30 min)

Tue, Oct 24 3PM EDT

Chef Michael discovers the magic and technique behind food advertising for television and print. We follow two talented and respected Food Stylists who earn their living by making tomatoes look great!

2021: Famous People Players TV-G (30 min)

Tue, Oct 24 3:30PM EDT

Michael pays a visit to the internationally successful Famous People Players Dinner Theatre. This is where great cuisine meets inspiring theatre, all brought to you by a colorful troupe of inspirational performers.

2022: Vineland Estates Winery TV-G (30 min)

Wed, Oct 25 3PM EDT

Chef Michael investigates the Fine Art of Wine making, then uses his culinary instincts to design an appropriate tasting menu, which is both seasonal, and toned.

2023: Unilever Test Kitchen TV-G (30 min)

Wed, Oct 25 3:30PM EDT

How do you achieve the successful marketing of your favorite recipe? Join Chef Michael as he attempts just that. There is more to this than greets the taste buds. Michael must survive the rigors of testing, tasting, sizing, coloring, marketing, and general appeal, if he wants this product to sell!

2024: Kids Café With Chef Art Smith TV-G (30 min)

Thu, Oct 26 3PM EDT

Our Chef at Large journeys to Minneapolis, where a unique program has been developed by Chef Art Smith, Oprah's personal Chef. We are introduced to a mighty group of Kids, all of whom have a variety of sociological, economic, and behavioural challenges. They show us that a few ingredients are all that's needed to rise above some of life's obstacles.

2025: Mountain Trek Spa TV-G (30 min)

Thu, Oct 26 3:30PM EDT

Chef Michael undergoes a personal fitness and nutritional assessment at the revitalizing Mountain Trek Spa in Southeast British Columbia. We study the practice of "personal improvement through exercise, meditation, nutrition, and massage.

2026: Bon Appetite Magazine In La TV-G (30 min)

Fri, Oct 27 3PM EDT

We'll investigate the reality behind creating the fully realized recipes for this best selling magazine. The output of this state-of-the-art facility's intense test kitchens and bright photography studios can be found found in homes across the country.