Episode Guide

1001: Basset Hound TV-PG (30 min)

Tomorrow  5:30AM EDT

Debra Hull breeds her Basset Hounds to be top competitors in the show ring, and she doesn't approve of second place. Hull's hounds need to earn their keep, whether it's winning a show title or landing a Hollywood role in the movies¦these dogs even help with the laundry! In this episode, we feature three of the Hull hounds all at different stages in their doggie careers. We meet a problematic pup, Dahlia, who may not be able to live up to her elite pedigree in the show ring; Lily, her top dog, who's a serious contender for a Best in Breed prize; and Debra's oldest Basset Hound, Megs, who at the age of 11 is finally getting her moment in the limelight when she is cast opposite an Oscar nominee in a Hollywood film. The pressure mounts when Debra travels to the National Basset Hound Specialty competition. It's here where we find out the fate of her young pup. If Dalia doesn't perform well, there's good chance that Debra just may give her away. And all eyes will be on Debra's favourite d

1002: Chihuahua TV-PG (30 min)

Tomorrow  6AM EDT

Lucinda Glenny has over 25 years of experience breeding and training dogs. Previously a breeder of poodles, Lucinda currently has only one left: Kudos, a seven-time National Champ, and her last remaining poodle. Unfortunately Kudos now has a terminal disease. With her most successful breeding programme coming to an end, she is working hard to start up a new one with a new breed “ Chihuahuas. It's the passing of the torch: from one breeding dynasty to a new one. Lucinda is putting all her hopes on Sonic, a feisty little male Chihuahua. Lucinda takes her young stud to meet adorable prospective mates, but in order to attract the highest quality bitches, Lucinda realizes that she needs Sonic to stand out in the pack. So she's daringly entered him in Working Title a competition “ which up until now has been the exclusive the domain of much larger dogs like Retrievers, Shepherds, and Collies. Little Sonic has been practising the obstacle course, but is struggling to make the jump. In the end, all that

1003: Dogues TV-PG (30 min)

Tomorrow  6:30AM EDT

The Dogue de Bordeaux breed has had a tough time through history. These gentle giants have twice been brought to the brink of extinction at the hands of French Revolutionaries and Nazi soldiers - with only eight dogs left in the world after WWII. It's been a struggle to rebuild the population of this breed, but Donna Deschambault is dedicated to the preservation and protection of this remarkable dog. Donna is the chief organizer of the National Dogue de Bourdeaux Specialty competition. Not only is she entering four of her own dogs (with a quick side trip to a vintage car wash turned dog wash for last minute grooming), she's managing the mayhem and politics of the competitive dog world “ whose bark may just be as bad as its bite. There are very few Dogues in Canada and breeders like Donna must go to great lengths and extra cost to avoid inbreeding. Semen is often cryogenically frozen and imported from around the world to these dedicated breeders. And there are additional hurdles. It's very diffic

1004: Duck Tollers TV-PG (30 min)

Mon, Oct 23 5AM EDT

Dressed in camouflage, toting a rifle, surrounded by her champion Nova Scotia Duck Tollers, Sue Kish is not your typical breeder. She has a mission¦one she believes most dog breeders have forsaken. She believes dogs are born to hunt, "I breed in order to maintain a dog's natural instincts. Along with her sister Dianne, and their two French Canadian "crack shot boyfriends, Sue owns Foxgrove Kennels, an international renowned breeding and training facility located on a picturesque country estate. Her facility is so highly regarded people board their dogs for training for as long as nine months, or place themselves on a year long waiting list for puppies. For Sue to maintain her reputation as a top breeder and trainer, she needs her own Duck Tollers to set the high standard. And that's done at the Canadian Kennel Club's licensed Hunt Test “ where a variety of breeds are put to the test for their water and land retrieving skills. Her best performer, Raison, only needs one more win to earn

1005: Poodles TV-PG (30 min)

Mon, Oct 23 5:30AM EDT

Breeders, Heather and Greg Pendragon, are passionate about their plethora of poodles. But their love affair with this canine began with just one - Greg's poodle, named Uther Pendragon. When Greg and Heather married, it was bow-tie sporting Uther who walked Heather down the aisle and gave her away with a bark. And with that “ their breeding careers began. People often think the Pendragons are quirky. After all, Heather knits sweaters from poodle hair, and they take their dogs on ice cream runs into town. They are even considered unconventional by the prestigious Poodle Club of Canada. Their happy brood has now expanded to close to 30 pooches “ all under one roof. But soon there will be even more. One of their bitches is expecting a litter very soon. In her last pregnancy, only eight out of the 17 pups survived, and the Pendragons are doing their best to prevent a repeat of this heart-breaking situation. As a littler is born, we see how these dedicated breeders use human baby incubators, CPR, and